Friday, September 17, 2010

Granny writes...June, 1926

Well, it appears I may have never published this post.  I sure thought so, but it was showing up in my list of posts as a "draft".  Anyway...

The month of June...doesn't wait for me anymore...because it comes and goes...and every day is a different day on the June calendar.  But I don't mind it at all.        ~Aldo Kraas

Granny spends her last few days of summer "vacation" sewing and doing other typical teenager stuff!  She misses Grandpa (Clint), but is very hopeful she will see him on the 4th of July.  Paul is still an obstacle!  I wish he would go on already!  New guy, Leonard...doesn't have a snowball's chance!!

Tuesday, June 1, 1926
Dear Diary,
One year ago today I was beginning my career as a stenographer.  I almost wish I had it to do over again.
We ironed this morning and Pauline and I worked on the quilt this afternoon and tonight.  I have six rows all sewed together, that means half, and we want to finish the other half this week.  Mother worked on my orchid slip today.  It is good looking, too.
I got my letter but he hadn't heard about the ring yet.  Honestly, I believe I wish we could get married in at least another year and I doubt if I can stand it that long.  I am so afraid something will happen to cause me to lose him.  Daddy left this morning.

Wednesday, June 2, 1926
Dear Diary,
I feel a thousand times better since I got Clint's letter today, but I knew I would.  He said for me not to worry about the ring, that we would get another one soon.  I am afraid for him to give me one and besides, I hate for him to spend so much money, so I am going to ask him not to give it to me right away.  But isn't he a darling?  I think he is a prince and I love him so much.
I worked on my quilt just a little bit today.  Mother cut out some teds and a brassiere and made them for me.  I will be fixed up after while.
I went to town tonight and Glenn Seamone tried to tell me I was married or that he thought I was.  I'm not, but that isn't saying I wouldn't like to be.

Thursday, June 3, 1926
Dear Diary,
We made some blue teds today and I just finished them.  Mother started to fix the hem of my new dress but gave it up in despair.  She will try to finish it tomorrow.
I got letters from Clint, Lucile, and Reva Jane today. Lucile was blue and lonesome and Reva wanted me to come over.  Clint was the same old dear that he has always been.  I didn't find time to write to him until after supper.  I went over to Border's with Lois, too, so I have been a busy woman.  Pauline worked on the quilt nearly all day.  At that rate, she will be finishing it instead of me.  I don't care so much, just so it is done.

Friday, June 4, 1926
Dear Diary,
It is only nine o'clock, but the others are in bed and I am going soon.  I am tired and sleepy.  I haven't accomplished much in the way of sewing.  Worked on my pink teds but ran out of lace and couldn't finish them.
Mother and the kids went to hunt gooseberries this afternoon.  They didn't get many but they did bring home some strawberries.
My letter today was so good.  I get crazier about Clint every day of the world.
I got a letter from Hope.  It was a good one, too.  She said they got a bonus, so maybe I will get mine soon.  Here's hoping I do.

Saturday, June 5, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just came home from town.  Reva Jane came in about nine, then we walked around and went into Watson's.  Wayne was there and sat and talked with us all the time we were there.  I think he wanted to bring me home but I came with Laugheads instead.  I just can't help feeling sort of an interest in him.  I guess it is natural after having gone with him so long, but I know I don't love him and never did.
I got my usual letter but it was rather short.  Ordered a negligee and slippers this afternoon and can hardly wait for them to come.
I went down to Lois's about eight o'clock.  We danced for just a little while and sang some, too.

Sunday, June 6, 1926
Dear Diary,
Just finished a letter to Hope and Joy.  I wrote to Lucile and Clinton this afternoon.
Went to Sunday School this morning.  Wilma came by about two o'clock then she, Dot and I went to the train.  Saw Reva Jane a few minutes.  After that, Dot and I walked around and spent most of the evening at her house eating strawberry shortcake, etc.  We went into Watson's and Anderson's both and I think I ate entirely too much.  Anyway, I feel bum right now and feel like going to bed.
Clinton told me about a date he had and it made me feel awful.  Wonder if he feels that way about mine?  I suppose he does, though.

Monday, June 7, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been chasing around all afternoon and evening getting ready for Children's Day.  It makes me tired to have to waste all my time doing it, but I didn't see any way of getting around it.  I worked on my quilt a little bit but not nearly so much as I wanted to.
My letter from Clint was better today.  He mentioned going to St. Louis and gave me a big thrill.  I certainly hope we can go.  Got a letter from Nola Mae this evening.  I suppose she is on her way home now.
We washed this morning as usual.

Tuesday, June 8, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been working hard on our quilt all afternoon and evening.  I have four more rows to sew on, I think.  Boy, but I am anxious to get it finished.
My sweet man told about taking a girl home Sunday night and it gave me the funniest feeling.  I just wanted to cry.  I wonder if I am jealous?  I don't think that is it, but I am afraid I will lose him.  I believe I would die off if he didn't love me any more.
My negligee came today and I am wearing it now.  I rather like it.  Mother also got a picture from Stark Bros.  Mr. Hickerson told me to have it sent, before I left.  Mom made me another pair of teds and a princess slip today.

Wednesday, June 9, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been working on the puzzle (quilt) again tonight.  We just have two more rows to put on.  I can hardly wait to finish it.
My letter today was short but sweet.  He says he may have to go to Florida without seeing me and I wouldn't be at all surprised.  I want to see him so badly now that I don't know what to do.  I just wonder how long it will be before I see him again?
I wrote to Miss Slayton today and told her I was planning to report for work next Thursday.  She will probably tell me not to come.
We practiced for the Children's Day program and got along fairly well for the first time.

Thursday, June 10, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just came home from a strawberry social at the church.  It would have been okay, but the cream was sour so I didn't enjoy my strawberries much.  I did have a better time than I had expected to have.
My letter was short again today.  He had a date again Tuesday night.  I do believe he is forgetting his little girl in old Green City, and if he should, I believe it would break my poor heart.
I got a letter and photograph from Uncle Adam today.  He has the funniest looking mustache and I don't like it either.
We worked on the quilt nearly all day and have one more row to put on.  I stamped a dresser scarf today and Mother is making my dress-crab apple colored.

Friday, June 11, 1926
Dear Diary,
I finished it today and oh, but I am relieved and happy.  Of course, I mean to quilt.  I just ordered some embroidery floss for my dresser scarf.
I got the darlingest letter from him today and I loved it even though it was rather short.
We practiced this afternoon and got along fairly well.  After that, Mother and I went to town.  It has been so hot today it will surely rain or storm tonight.
I washed my hair after supper and have been visiting with Mother some since then.  Got a letter from Wilma this morning.

Saturday, June 12, 1926
Dear Diary,
This is Sunday night but I forgot to write last night.
We worked hard all morning getting the cleaning done.  After dinner, I got ready to go to practice but it commenced to storm so badly about three o'clock that I had to wait.  We practiced a long time.  I wore my new dress.  I didn't get to write to Clint until after supper.  I was just finishing his letter when Reva Jane came in and, well, that's the reason I forgot to write to you.
We went to town to mail the letter, also went to Watson's.  When we came home we talked for a long time and I enjoyed our visit just heaps.

Sunday, June 13, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just came home from church.  A Dr. Walters lectured on "Ben Hur" and I thought it was wonderful.
Reva Jane and I slept rather late this a.m.  Daddy came in before we had breakfast.  We were late to S.S. and then came the program.  The kids got out of line and everything, but it was cute anyway.  After dinner we went down to Page's after Wilma and she and Reva Jane went home on the evening train, I mean to Kirksville.  Imogene came in on that train and I have been with her since then.
I guess I am going to leave tomorrow.  I can't realize that it is to be so soon.  I didn't get my letter today for Helen was too late.  I wanted it, too.

Monday, June 14, 1926
Dear Diary,
I am in Kirksville and having a keen time.  Reva Jane and Wilma are entertaining me and we are to sleep together.
I hated to leave home and Mother didn't want me to come today either, but I had promised that I would.  I don't know just when I am going on to Quincy but I am anxious to see good old Lennice.  I am ashamed of myself for not having written sooner.
Daddy brought me over this afternoon and I think I shall stay until tomorrow afternoon.
I got two good letters from Clint today and one from Nola Mae.  I wrote to Clint this afternoon while the girls studied.  We ate supper at James' tonight.

Tuesday, June 15, 1926
Dear Diary,
I am at Quincy and having a keen time.  Lennice didn't get my card and consequently didn't meet me, but she seemed glad to see me again and I was glad to see her, too.
I visited school this morning with Reva Jane, Wilma and Okie.  Also wrote my letter. Marguerite, Okie, Reva Jane and Wilma all came to the train with me.  I hated to leave them for I don't know when I shall see them again.
Lennice wanted me to have a date tonight with Harvey's brother, Rome, so of course I did.  We went to the Star and saw "The Volga Boatman".   It was great.  I am to go on to LA tomorrow and I suppose I shall be there when I write you again.  Lennice is ready for bed, so goodnight.

Wednesday, June 16, 1926
Dear Diary,
I am back again and I was really glad to be here although I have enjoyed my vacation.  It was storming terribly when I woke up this morning and it is storming now.  It just frightens me so, and I jump every second or two.  Boy, its close if I ever saw anything that was.  I went to Cornelius's first thing this a.m.  I forgot to tell you that Mrs. Cornelius died Monday noon.  I felt so sorry for them.  Then I went up to the College.  Saw Ed the first thing.  Lennice and I took dinner at Smith's and then did some shopping.  Ernie took me to the train and it was late in getting here.  The girls seemed glad to see me and I have been pressing clothes for the last two hours.  Also finished my letter to Nola Mae and wrote to the folks.

Thursday, June 17, 1926
Dear Diary,
I was really glad to be at work again this morning.  I had to take some dictation from Hickerson right off the bat and he gave me a lot of it, too.  I didn't get it all out today and am afraid I will have trouble with it tomorrow.  Mr. Hickerson and Miss Slayton said they were glad to see me.  Jenny Lou almost ate me alive and Paul told me he was glad I came back.
I got two dear letters today from my dearly beloved.  He wants me to come to Florida if he goes and sees that we can make ends meet and if we can, I almost believe I will go.  I know one thing, life isn't worth living without him and that's that.  Alta and I went to town to the band concert tonight. 
Mr. Hickerson game me a raise.  I am getting $65 a month now, or $2.50 a day.

Friday, June 18, 1926
Dear Diary,
I finished my dictation today but was slow with it.  Nina said that I would have to try George Bast soon and they say he goes like lightening but he wants a private secretary so here's my chance.
My letter was rather short but I loved it just the same.  I have wanted to see Clint more tonight than ever.  I just felt as if I couldn't live without him another day.  Alta and I went to the show and maybe that made me want him more.  It was "The Woman on the Jury".  Since the show, we have been cutting up and just a few minutes ago, Alta started to crying and couldn't stop.  I guess she is hysterical.  It nearly frightened us to death.  She is sleeping up here tonight but I think she will be all right now.

Saturday, June 19, 1926
Dear Diary,
I awoke feeling happy this morning but I knew it couldn't last.  Clint said that he had accepted that position in Florida and will probably have to go down without seeing me.  I felt as if my very heart would break.  I don't believe I can stand it much longer.  I will just have to go down there, that's all.
I took dictation from Miss Slayton this morning.  She went so slow that it wasn't at all hard.  Ross came today and met Alta and me at town.  We went riding nearly all afternoon.  They are out together now and how I wish for Clint.  I started to work on my dresser scarf tonight.  There is so much work on it that I know it will take ages.

Sunday, June 20, 1926
Dear Diary,
This has been the longest, lonesomest day I think I ever spent and I have wanted Clint and home.  Dean and I went to church this morning - at the Baptist.  I went there tonight with Elsie, for lack of better company.  It is awful for me to say that for she is good hearted as can be, but that's the way I feel.  They had a wonderful musical program at the Baptist church tonight.  Paul sang.  I think he would have brought me home if he had had the chance.
My letter this morning gave me a ray of hope and I am hanging on to that for dear life.  I just must see him before be goes to Florida.  I wrote eight letters today.  Clint's, home, Reva Jane and Willie, Lennice, Imogene, Uncle Adam, Lucile, and Dot.  Didn't I do well?

Monday, June 21, 1926
Dear Diary,
I went to the show tonight with Paul.  It was at the Grand Duchess and the Waiter.  I laughed a lot and Paul says that is why he enjoys going with me - because I make it seem funnier to him.  He was nice as could be and didn't even try to kiss me.  I respect him all the more for being that way.
I worked rather hard today.  Took dictation from Mr. Hickerson again this afternoon.  He was nice to me, too.
My Clint said that perhaps he could come to see me next Saturday if he should have to leave soon.  Oh, he must come or my poor little heart will break.  Sometimes I wonder if he really wants to come.  I know if he felt as I do, he would have to come, that's all.

Tuesday, June 22, 1926
Dear Diary,
Nothing very important happened today.  I took dictation from Mr. Adams but didn't have any trouble with it.
I got my usual letter and one from home this morning.  Pauline was very sarcastic about her barrette, so I got it ready to send to her tonight.
Irene went to town with me after supper and I got my hair cut.  Since then we have been in Alta's room, I mean downstairs.
I shortened my printed crepe dress tonight.  I am praying that Clinton can come for the fourth, but I am such a wicked little girl that I don't see how my prayers could be answered.

Wednesday, June 23, 1926
Dear Diary,
It is after eleven o'clock and my bed time.  Alta, Dean and I have been embroidering all evening and maybe you think I'm not tired.  I wonder if our sweet men will appreciate all those stitches?  I got a darling letter from mine today and he says that he is going to Florida but that he is planning to see me before he goes.  Here's hoping he does, for I can't stand it much longer.
Leonard Pounds asked me for a date today and is about to set me crazy.  I told him that I didn't want any dates but he doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer.
Maybe Clint's mother will come with him.  In some ways, I wish she would.  Then again, I would dread it.

Thursday, June 24, 1926
Dear Diary,
It is after eleven o'clock again.  Alta and I have been sitting out on the front porch talking about our plans for the future and everything.  I am so thrilled I don't know what to do and here's hoping that I may see Clinton soon.
We went to town about nine to mail some letters.  John Mayfield picked us up and took us riding, then into Bankheads.  He is the craziest thing I ever saw.
Leonard Pounds called me tonight and insisted that I give him a date.  I'll be nutty if he doesn't let me alone.
Clinton didn't say anything about coming in his letter today, but I have hopes that he will come for the fourth.
I took a lot of dictation from Mr. Hickerson today.

Friday, June 25, 1926
Dear Diary,
Alta, Irene and I just came home from the show.  It was a double header and I liked them both pretty well.  Shirley Mason in "Curly Top" and Claire Windsor in "For Sale".  We went to Bankheads after work.  That's the way the money goes.
I got so tired at the office today and I am certainly glad that tomorrow is Saturday.  What if Clint were coming tomorrow?  Wouldn't I be thrilled to a polka dot?  He said this morning that he was planning to come the fourth.  I get so thrilled just thinking about him, I don't know what to do with myself.

Saturday, June 26, 1926
Dear Diary,
Alta and I have been discussing our plans for next week.  Just think, I wonder where we will be next Saturday night.
Clinton said he couldn't come to St. Louis until Sunday but I will be happy to be with him then.
We had a keen old time last night.  Didn't get to sleep till after twelve.  I went to town just after dinner and I'll be darned if I didn't go in to Michaels and buy a dress for $15.00.  I should be shot for doing a trick like that.  I also got some white hose.  Now I am in debt again.
I got a letter from home and one from Willie today.  Gee-oh, when I think of next week I get so thrilled, I feel absolutely weak.  If anything happens to keep us from going, I think I'll just about die off.

Sunday, June 27, 1926
Dear Diary,
It is rather early but we are going to bed so we will get some good rest.  Alta and I went walking after supper and then we went into Bankheads.  I got a malted milk and a sandwich so now I feel like a stuffed toad.
My special was good this morning and I just love him to death.  I can hardly wait till next Sunday.  Oh, diary, it is awful.  Letter from Imogene.
I went to S.S. this morning, then wrote letters to Clint, home, Nola Mae and Wilma.  I slept a while this afternoon.

Monday, June 28, 1926
Dear Diary,
The whole of the Hillcrest gang went to the tent show tonight.  Kell's Comedians in "Detouring Wives".  It was good, all except the rotten jokes.  I hate them.  I took dictation in the front office today from Capt. Moore.  I am getting to be "some" steno.  I mean I could be if I would.
I am counting the days, hours and almost minutes until I shall see Clint.  I am just almost wild for the time to come.  I could love him to death if he were only here.  I guess he is glad he isn't here.

Tuesday, June 29, 1926
Dear Diary,
It is so warm tonight that I am about to cook.  I wish it would get cooler before this weekend.  I have a notion to sleep out on the porch swing tonight.
Alta, Fredda, Nina and I just came back from the Bunte.  Alta and I went down to mail our letters, met the other girls and went with them.
I took dictation from Mr. Adams and Mr. Hickerson today.  Mr. Hickerson informed me that I was good looking, rather that I "am".  I didn't get all of his dictation out.
I got my daily letter, one from Reva Jane, Hope and Lucile.  Just a few more days and I will have a chance at happiness, I hope.  I never was so anxious to see anyone before in all my life.

Wednesday, June 30, 1926
Dear Diary,
Three more nights and I will be with my sweet man - maybe.  We don't have to work at all on Saturday or Monday either.  Isn't that luck for you?
I had a heck of a time with dictation today.  Had to take it from Mr. Howell and from Homer Reed and they were both awful.
Leonard just called and wanted to know if he could have a date tomorrow night.  Said he couldn't understand why I didn't want to go - good night.  I'm going to tell him to go to and stay put next time.
Got a letter from Lennice this morning.  She wants me to come up for the fourth.