Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conversation with twins...

About cars..........                                                                    

Last week when I the kept the twins for a few days, we had several conversations.  I hadn't kept them for a full day since the end of school, so we had lots to catch up on.  Refresher courses, if you will.  Their vocabulary is unbelievable, and they actually talk in sentences cute!

We had the following conversation one afternoon while in the front yard.  It was pretty priceless!

Me:  Boys, remember to never get close to the street, okay?

Them: (nodding heads up and down)

Me:  Do ya'll know why?

Aden:  Cars can hurt you.

Eric:  Its dangerous.

Me:  How can cars hurt you?

Aden: (banging his forearms together)...they run over you.

Eric: Yeah, dangerous.

Me:  And what happens if a car runs over you?

Aden:  Hurt you bad.

Eric:  The (making the sound of an ambulance) will come get you.

Me:  What else?

Aden:  Make GiGi (thats me) cry.

Eric:  Make Mamma and Daddy cry.

Aden:  Make PaPa cry.

Eric:  And Nana.

Aden:  Poppy cry?

Me:  Yes, Poppy would cry.

Eric:  And MiMi and PaPa?

Me:  Yes, MiMi and PaPa, too.  Who else?

Aden:  Pappy cry.

Me:  What about Lyndsey and James?

Aden:  "Wens" and James cry?

Me:  Yes, they would.  Everyone will cry if you get in the street and if a car runs over you. We will all be sad for a long time if that happens. Cars and trucks are very, very dangerous, so don't EVER get close to the street. Okay?

Them: (nodding heads up and down)

Me:  You guys look at me.  Don't ever get close to the street.  Okay?

Aden: Okay

Eric: Okay

Me: Promise?

Them: Promise.

I don't believe you can over-educate kids about dangerous things.  Life is precious, and bad things can happen in the blink of an eye.

The end.


  1. Thank you! They were about 11 months in these pics. Now they are 2 yrs, 6 months.