Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vegas Vacation/Wordless Wednesday...NOT!!

Last week, Terry and I went to Las Vegas for 4 days/nights....with Jeremy & Kristin, Lyndsey & James, and Glen & Tina.  For those who know me......well, you KNOW!!  For those who don't...Jeremy is my son, Lyndsey is my daughter, and Glen is my ex-husband and Jeremy & Lyndsey's Dad.  Strange?  It COULD be.  For some, it WOULD be.  But it works for us.  And when I say "us", I'm referring to everyone,
 including Terry and Tina.

Some people don't understand the concept of being divorced from someone and remaining friends with them.  The way I see it...when you have kids with someone, why would you NOT try to remain friends with that person? 

(I know, there are extenuating circumstances in every marriage and every divorce...and I'm not, in the least, trying to tell people how to live their lives.  I'm speaking only about my own situation.)

But, in the end, who would be most punished by the fact that we couldn't get along with each other?  Well, of course, it would be our children and grandchildren.  Just because you are no longer married to someone doesn't mean you have to hate them, does it?  With some, unfortunately, that is the case.  But in my mind, if I hate the father of my children...then I hate my children, too.  Because, after all, our children are US.  In some ways they are like me...in other ways, they are like him.  They didn't necessarily acquire our best (or worst) traits, but there is no denying who they belong to.

So, our family is blessed that we can all see past the normal obstacles that prevent exes from remaining friends.  In addition, our children and grandchildren are doubly blessed.  Instead of my grandchildren having one set of grandparents from our side of the family, they have two.  They have FOUR "old people" from our side of the family to love and cherish them, instead of just two.  Go figure.  At birthday and Christmas time alone, they "literally" REAP the benefits!!!

Terry and I have a very similar relationship with his ex-wife and her husband.  Okay, we haven't taken vacations together, but if it was ever something their kids wanted to do, we're in!  Life is just too short to let the little things pass us by.  And its too short to sweat the small stuff.  And in the BIG picture, this would definitely fall in the category of "small stuff".  I'm just saying... 

But, I digress, so back to my post.  Well, almost!  Funny, I was actually going to wait until tomorrow to post this, so it could be my first ever "Wordless Wednesday" contribution.  You bloggers know what Wordless Wednesdays are...the rest of you can probably figure it out.  But, I'm not well-known for being "wordless" ... and PLEASE, no comments from those who know me well!!

So, I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures on this trip.  My camera is big and bulky and I just didn't feel like carrying it everywhere we went.  So, as you will see from the pictures posted below, I took a total of six.  Pictures, that is.  I KNOW.  That is purely pathetic. Right?  If not for the pesky picture-takers posted at every possible place in Las Vegas, then the count would have remained at 6, but we actually ended up liking some of the pictures that were taken of us.

Waiting at DFW...James, Jeremy, and Kristin.

Glen and Tina, also at DFW

Lyndsey and Terry...DFW

Terry and Me...guess?  DFW!

Lyndsey and James, at the airport in Las Vegas.



Terry, Lyndsey, me, and Kristin. 
YES, I was accused of trying to match the theme of The Lion King.  I promise, I didn't!  Wow, I just noticed that my purse doesn't even show up!  Unless you look real hard!  Can anyone see it?

Terry, me, Lyndsey, and James.
Yes, I am a TOTAL nerd.  Who else do you know who goes to Vegas and doesn't spend a single penny gambling and doesn't drink a drop of alcohol?  And is thrilled to go to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition?
Just remember...it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round. 

And nerds are just as important as cool people.  No matter what all you cool people think!!!

To the other 7 people on our trip, y'all remember this:


In summary, this was my 3rd trip to Vegas and Terry's 1st.  Also Lyndsey and James' 1st trip.  I had been twice before, but really didn't care for it.  I happened to be with a great group of friends both times, so I really did enjoy myself.  However, the casinos are NOT for me.  Too much smoke.  Too many people.  Too much skin.  Too much gambling that I just DO NOT understand.  I understand the slot machine concept, but don't have a clue about blackjack, roulette, craps, etc...
And don't care to learn!
I DO love the shows, though.  I could watch them all day long, all night long, 4 days and nights in a row!  Not the "skin" shows...I like the Broadway productions...Mamma Mia! that I saw with Susie 4 years ago and The Lion King.  We also went to Legends in Concert and it was GREAT!  The Michael Jackson and Elvis impersonators were SO believable, it was almost eerie.  Of course I loved the Titanic exhibit.  And for anyone who has never been to a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, you NEED to go!  I didn't have my camera, but believe me...it is worth the money!


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  2. To: Jo Lynn
    From: Gayle Ranton Brown

    Hello my friend! I just read about your Vegas trip. I would have loved to have been with you at the "Titanic" exhibition. I have studied about it and love to read everything I can get my hands on about it.
    Everyone looks great....and you look just beautiful! (as usual)
    I have never been to Vegas...but if I ever do go...I will also be a NERD!! I will spend my time also at the "shows".
    I love your blog and feel so lucky to have actually seen "the diaries" and your Granny's beautiful, tiny handwriting. Keep your blog going. You are doing a great job!
    I miss you and can't wait to get together soon!
    I love you lots! Gayle

  3. Gayle, I love anything about the Titanic. It was very humbling to see all of the artifacts. Hundreds of dishes, not a crack or chip in them. People's personal effects. We were given a card when we entered...it had all of a passenger's info on it (name, occupation, what cabin they would be staying in, etc). At the end of the exhibition were walls with lists of passengers who survived and passengers who didn't. I found my "woman" on the list of non-survivors. It made me sad.

    Ah, the diaries! I haven't gotten to the ones with the miniature writing yet. They begin in 1927. I have bought a magnifying glass and a clip on light...I'm also thinking of enlarging each page...even with my glasses, I can barely see!!!

    Thanks for all of your compliments. As always, you are way too kind!

    Love........Jo Lynn

  4. I love the Vegas post and your pictures ... even if there are only 6! And I, personally, think the Lion King outfit was perfect - it's crucial to coordinate with your surroundings!!

  5. With "the house/casino" having the odds stacked in their favor, I stay away from the gambling, also.