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Granny writes...April, 1926

"April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter.  Then, the moment after, weep thy girlish tears".
Not a lot going on in April of 1926...Clint's older sister, Winnie, wants to see Marie...wants to know what size she is...wants her to go to Louisville (KY) with her.  I don't know what the reference to "white iris" is about.  Granny received her diploma from Gem City Business College.  She is tiring of Louisiana, MO, and misses Clint.  Still.

Thursday, April 1, 1926
Dear Diary,
I got a marcel tonight but don't like it very well.  He was in too much of a hurry.
I sent the note to P.R. this morning.  He said that he understood the conditions and that he still wanted it (a date) but I decided not to go.  I just couldn't bring myself to hurt Clinton that way, for I know that if he were at all like me, it would hurt him and it won't hurt Paul's feelings, I am sure.
I got a dear letter from Clint this morning.  He isn't working yet and I am afraid he is worrying about it.  I do wish he could work, for then we would be together sooner.
I was April fooled once.  Letter from Nola Mae tonight.

Friday, April 2, 1926
Dear Diary,
The mail didn't come this morning but when I came home from work I had a letter and an Easter box from my sweet Daddy.  The candy is so nice and he is a perfect dear.  I wrote to him after supper and mailed my Easter greetings.
Hope, Bessie and I went to town tonight.  I bought stationery, cold cream, powder and soap.  Nearly spent all my money.  Today was payday.  My check was $22.57.  I wish it was just twice that much.  I need a new dress so badly but am not getting it very fast.
I am tired, so goodnight.

Saturday, April 3, 1926
Dear Diary,
I am ready for bed and feel like going there, too.  Lucile and I went to town after supper.  I sent Clint a special delivery letter, the first one I ever sent him.
I got a letter from him after work but didn't have any other mail.  Rose has been having dental work done and she is having a time.  She got some lovely carnations from Clark for Easter.  It doesn't seem like Easter at all.  I should be getting ready to hunt Easter eggs in the morning.
Lois was laid off today.  She is staying with Pearl tonight.  I feel so sorry for her.

Sunday, April 4, 1926
Dear Diary,
Easter is almost over.  It has been a long, lonesome day, but I have had a fairly good time.  I got my special this morning just before I finished breakfast.  Also got a letter from Imogene.
I went to the Baptist Church this morning and again tonight.  Paul Reller was there and Hope bet me a dime he would ask to bring me home.  Of course I won it.
I wrote to Clint, home, Nola Mae and Lennice today.  After dinner I went walking with the third floor gang.  We took a lot of pictures.

Monday, April 5, 1926
Dear Diary,
I worked tonight.  It is raining and cold and I should be killed for working.  I got a good bawling out from Clint today about working at night, getting marcels, and I was also commanded not to get a boyish bob.  Boy, the lecture I got was marvelous.  It made me angry at first, then it gave me the blues.  Now I don't blame him.
My coat came today, now that Easter is over.  It is such a light color but I like it.  It will have to be shortened before I can wear it.

Tuesday, April 6, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been fooling around all evening.  Alta went with me to take my coat to a dress maker to get it shortened.
Mrs. Holliday wrote a letter to Mr. V. G. today telling him of my ability.  Perhaps I shall get my diploma soon.  Alta, Lucile and I are talking of going to St. Louis when we are laid off here.  I wonder if we will.
I got a letter from Clint and Dot this morning and one from home tonight.  Paul wrote me the cleverest letter.  I wrote to the folks after summer.
Clint's letter today made me as happy as the one yesterday made me angry and sad.

Wednesday, April 7, 1926
Dear Diary,
Another evening almost wasted.  I shortened my orange dress and pressed some of my clothes.  This has been another rainy old day, the kind I don't care so much for.
I got a wonderful letter from Clinton this morning.  He was talking about our children and he was so sensible and thoughtful about it.  What he said made me love him all the more.  He said that if anything should happen to keep us from having any, he didn't care, he loved me anyway.  Diary, it is wonderful to have someone to love you.
I got another letter from home tonight and an Easter box.  It came rather late but I enjoyed it.  I was surprised at getting another letter so soon.  Mother, Daddy, Pauline and Helen wrote this time.

Thursday, April 8, 1926
Dear Diary,
Lucile and I have been studying shorthand this evening.  When I get started I just love to study it.  Rose and I went to the dress makers after our coats.  Rose is planning to go home Monday.
I got a darling letter from Clint this morning.  He said he was so sorry he had hurt my feelings the other day and that he wouldn't have said those things for anything if he had known they would hurt me.  He said to work nights if I wanted to, to get all the marcels I want, and if I got a boyish bob that he would adore it.  Isn't he a perfect darling?  And tonight I got a whole letter full of Flapper Fanny's sayings.

Friday, April 9, 1926
Dear Diary,
I went to the show for a change tonight.  It wasn't as much of a change either for it was Granstark and I saw it at Quincy with my sweet man.
At noon today I started to go walking with Lucile and Rose and turned my ankle.  Boy, it did hurt and it still hurts.
I got a letter today from my sweet Daddy, as usual and after work I got a letter from Nola Mae and Reva Jane.
I didn't write to Clint until after work.  I wonder how many days I will be here.

Saturday, April 10, 1926
Dear Diary,
I did it tonight.  Lucile and I went to town and I bought some new slippers and hose.  $7.50 for the slippers and $2.00 for the hose.  Aren't I awful? I know I should be killed.
I got a letter from Clint as usual and one from Lennice and Aunt Nora this morning.  Wrote to Clint again after work.  He is about to take a position in a bank there.  I am anxious to hear what he is going to do.

Sunday, April 11, 1926
Dear Diary,
It has been raining all this blessed day.  I didn't go to Sunday School or church this morning but I did go to church tonight.  Paul sang in the choir and he asked me how I was.  Isn't that lovely - sublime?
I got my special this morning and he is going to take the bank position at seventy five a month.  I am glad he has decided on something but I am afraid he won't like it there.
I wrote to him, Nola Mae, Dorothy, Imogene, Aunt Nora, and Lennice today.  I did quite well but I did want to write to the folks and to Reva Jane.  Didn't have time for that.
Tomorrow will be Rose's last day here, or rather, she is leaving in the morning.  She is with Clark now.  Poor girl, I sympathize with her and him, too, for that matter!

Monday, April 12, 1926
Dear Diary,
Lucile, Elsie and I have been studying shorthand.  I wrote a letter to the folks, too, and played on the piano a little bit.  You could never guess who called me for a date tonight.  It was Addison McDonald, "risky" in other words.  I said "no".  Boy, he is good looking and all that most girls could ask for but he isn't Clint.
I got my daily newspaper.  It was rather short again but I liked it.

Tuesday, April 13, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just got back from work.  I worked downstairs in the traffic department tonight.  Don't like it very well.
My letter from Clint was short for he was in a big hurry.  I wrote to him at the office and sent him one of my pictures.
Got a letter from Daddy this morning.  He said Mother was sick in bed.  He thought she had the flu.  I hope she is better.
I got my diploma from Gem City tonight.  Thrills and heart throbs.  I really am very proud of it.  Wish Clint would have one, too.

Wednesday, April 14, 1926
Dear Diary,
I washed my hair tonight and got it cut.  Frosty Cordle cut it for me.  Now three of them have cut it.
I got my usual letter and again, it was written in a hurry, but I liked it anyway.  He said he didn't know when he would have a vacation, but that Winnie would like to see me.  Rather clever idea, but I'm afraid it won't work.  I would be too bashful to go down there.

Thursday, April 15, 1926
Dear Diary,
I worked again tonight in the traffic department.  I am tired enough to drop off.
I got my letter this morning but didn't have a chance to answer it until after work this afternoon.  I have certainly worked hard all day.
Paul Reller worked tonight and I talked to him quite a bit, oh, not so much either but for a while he didn't pay much attention to me, after I had refused him a date.
I got a letter from home tonight.  Mother is better but she couldn't talk above a whisper.  Helen, Pauline and Daddy wrote.  Mother wrote a few lines.

Friday, April 16, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have written three letters tonight, one to my sweet man, one to my folks, and one to Reva Jane.
Gee, but I worked hard today and I don't mean if.  I am so tired.  This has been a beautiful day, the kind that makes me homesick.
Jenny Lou said that Paul asked her how their "white iris" was and that he thought he would have to tell me that I was as sweet as dripping honey.  Doesn't that sound romantic?  But he didn't.

Saturday, April 17, 1926
Dear Diary,
I feel like the last rose of summer tonight.  My head aches and my side aches.  I have such a cold I can hardly see straight.
Today was pay day.  My check was only $18.73.  Lucile and I went to town tonight.  I didn't buy anything but stamps and stationery.  We went into Bankheads.
I got four letters today, I mean this morning - Clint, Rose, Nola Mae and Lennice.  I got one from Wilma tonight, so I have a lot to answer.
Clint said his folks wanted to know how large I was and he said I was just a good armful.  Doesn't he need killing?

Sunday, April 18, 1926
Dear Diary,
This has been a rather short day.  When I went down to breakfast this morning, my special was lying on my plate.  It did give me a big thrill and boy, it was a good letter.  It made me want to be with him so much.  Seven of us went to S.S. at the Christian Church.  After S.S. I wrote to my sweet daddy.  After dinner, I helped with the dishes.  Lucile, Joy and I did. Mrs. Baxter was gone.  I wrote to Nola Mae, the folks, and Lennice this afternoon.
We started to church at the Presbyterian but there was such a crowd there, we couldn't get in.  I did a family washing after I came home.

Monday, April 19, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just came home from work.  What will my sweet daddy say now?  I guess he won't care, but I didn't really feel like working and I am dreadfully tired now.
I didn't hear from home at all today and I have been so worried about Mother and Paul.  I wish they would write.  I answered my letter at the office this morning.
Nothing exciting has happened today but then nothing ever does.

Tuesday, April 20, 1926
Dear Diary,
Hope, Joy, Catherine and I went to the show tonight - "Daddies".  It was the cutest darn thing I have seen for a long time.
And boy, I got the darlingest letter this morning from my sweet man.  Winnie wants me to take a trip with her to Louisville, Kentucky.  Don't I wish I could go!  I'll say!  I also got a letter from home.  Mother is better and I am so glad.
Mrs. Baxter cut a rayon dress for me tonight.   It is pink and I am to trim it in gray.
Tomorrow is Jenny Lou's birthday and we are all giving her a gift.  Lucile and I are giving an atomizer.

Wednesday, April 21, 1926
Dear Diary,
I got three letters this morning, from my man, Pauline and Helen, and Lennice.  Pauline has the mumps now.
I wrote to Clint at the office, a great big long letter, but I didn't get it mailed till late tonight.  I wrote to the folks after supper.  Lucile, Hope and I went to town to mail them and got us some ice cream at Bankheads.  I mean Parkers.  Goodness, what is the matter with me?  I can't write right.  I guess I'm too tired.

Thursday, April 22, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been writing letters this evening.  Wrote to Wilma, Lennice, and Aunt Nora.  I got four letters this morning - Clint, Nola Mae, Reva Jane, and Aunt Nora.
It has been raining all day but I didn't mind it.  Lucile and I went to town tonight to mail my letter to Clint.  We also got some pictures we had finished.  I sent Lennice two of them and will send Nola, Reva, the folks and Clint some, too.
I am getting tired of this sort of life and am about ready to move on.  But where?  I guess I am homesick.

Friday, April 23, 1926
Dear Diary,
I had promised to work tonight but just after supper we had the most awful storm so no one went except Nina.  We may get fired but I should worry.
I wrote to Nola Mae, Reva Jane and the folks tonight.  Wrote to Clint at the office today.  From the way it looks now, I don't know when I shall see him.  Maybe never.  I get so homesick for him I don't know which way to look.
I am so sleepy.  I hope everyone will be quiet so I can go to sleep.

Saturday, April 24, 1926
Dear Diary,
My side has been hurting so much today, I could hardly see straight and it hurts yet.  I wrote to Clint after work and added a few lines to my letter to the folks.  I also washed my hair and took a bath.  Mother will probably bawl me out if she finds it out.
Clint said he didn't know when he would see me and I have had the blues all day.  It is so awful to have to be so far away from the one you love.
I got a pleasant surprise this evening - Reva Jane's picture.  I am so proud of it.

Sunday, April 25, 1926,
Dear Diary,
Lucile, Catherine, Joy and I just came home from the Baptist Church.  We also took Jenny Lou home.
I went to S.S. this morning at the Methodist Church and liked it better than the other time.  I got my dear letter before I went, and also got one from home.  See what the dear boy did for me, he caused me to get two letters today.
This afternoon Joy and I went to call on Cordles.  We had a lovely time, so much better than I had expected.  We went down to mail our letters after that and got some ice cream at Bankheads.

Monday, April 26, 1926
Dear Diary,
I just got back from work and an exciting trip to town with Fredda and Clay Agee.  We went to the Bunny and got some things to eat.  Had a very thrilling time.
Mr. Pinkerton told me this evening that he was going to see that I got some shorthand dictation.
I got my letter this morning.  It was a sweet one, too.  I answered it and wrote to the folks at the office.

Tuesday, April 27, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been working on my dress this evening.  Also washed a few clothes.  Lucile and Fredda are working and I'm glad I'm not.  I am so sleepy.
I got letters from Nola Mae, Dot, and Clint this morning.  Nola and Dot are both coming to see me when school is out if I am still here.  But I don't think there is much danger of my being here then.  Dot won first in the music contest at Kirksville, and got a scholarship to the Normal.  Isn't that great?

Wednesday, April 28, 1926
Dear Diary,
I worked tonight and also did something very wicked, or I suppose it was, under the circumstances.  Paul Reller brought me home from the bus.  Now what will my sweet daddy think of his little girl?  Will he ever forgive me?  But I really was good for I am going to keep myself good and pure for Clinton's sake.  If I thought this would hurt my love for him or his for me, I would always be sorry.
I got a letter from him as usual, also one from Reva Jane.  They were both good.  I answered Clint's at the office.
Mr. Tom Stark came upstairs just on purpose to see who the "white iris" was today and he told Jenny Lou that she should have been a poet.  Isn't that shocking?

Thursday, April 29, 1926
Dear Diary,
I have been at home this evening and have been a very good little girl.  I finished my dress and that is about all.
I wrote to Clint this morning and told him about my date.  Wonder what he will say.  I know that I love him more than I could ever love anyone, but will he think so?
I got his letter, one from home, and one from Reva.  I wrote to Dot and Reva Jane this afternoon.
Paul sent me a Hershey bar this afternoon.  Thrills and heart throbs.
Yesterday was Daddy's birthday and I forgot it until the folks mentioned it.  I sent him a card this evening.  Better late than never.

Friday, April 30, 1926
Dear Diary,
I worked again tonight but nothing exciting happened.  Lucile and Fredda, I mean Nina and Freddy and I went to the P.O. after we got back.
I hardly think I shall be here much longer.  I may be fired tomorrow.  You never can tell.  I don't want to go for a few weeks, at least one.
I wrote to Clint, Nola Mae, and home today at the office.  Aren't I awful?  I got a letter this evening from Wilma.
It is late and I must go to bed.  So long.


  1. Looks like Paul is trying to work his magic! lol

  2. Paul is persistent, if nothing else!