Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Jud turns One!!

Our youngest grandchild, Jud, turned ONE year old on Saturday.  His Daddy was in a wedding in Fredericksburg on Saturday night, so we had his party at our house on Sunday afternoon.  I stayed up all Saturday night decorating and getting things ready.  Looking back at the pics, I could have EASILY stopped around 2:00 a.m. but noooo, I had ribbon and a glue gun, and I just couldn't stop myself. 

Note to my little friend, Stephanie:  I know.  Don't say it.  Less. Is. More.  Next time, I'll remember that.  Everything you made looked incredible.  We LOVED it all! 

Little buckets for the party favors.

The "loot"

We were so glad that sweet little Aubrie came to the party!

Jud (eating ice) with Great Grandma Smith

James, holding Jud's little cousin, Hutton, who is 5 weeks younger than Jud.

Lyndsey, getting some hugs from the twins when they arrived!

It ended up pouring rain, but not before a little swimming by Terry, Aden, Eric, Steven, and Aubrie.

The only problem we had was when Jeremy asked his Dad to watch the burgers for "just a second" and when he returned, they were ON FIRE!  Jeremy is a wee bit anal abouts things, not totally unlike his Mother, unfortunately!  Note to Jeremy:  we just like things to be a certain way, don't we?  And that doesn't make us bad, does it?  Actually, the burgers and "dogs" were delicious!!

Jud telling everyone he was "ONE"!!

Jud's Mommy asked for Dr. Seuss books.  He got at least 25 of them.

Cousins Eric and Aden...trying out the new "ride" with Jud!

I had to get me some Jud "sugar" before the night was over!

And, what a difference a year makes!

The blanket Jud is lying on in the above picture was my Dad's baby blanket, 78 years ago.

Got milk?

The End.


  1. That party set-up was over-the-top AWESOME!! You are so sweet to make sure every detail is perfect. Looks like everybody had a great time. Happy Birthday, little Judson :)

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for your sweet comments!

  3. Great looking family there! Swimming pool sure looks inviting with all this heat!

  4. How did you make the stand for the cupcakes, the 3 layered thingy?

  5. I ordered it online. It is cardboard. I had to spray paint it, then hot glue the ribbon around it. Then, I guess I thought I was the tulle "fairy" ... made all those stupid bows. I swear it looked more like a fairy puked on it! It really did look better in person...not quite as busy. The cardboard was corrugated, so there was no choice about the ribbon. It HAD to be put on. I would NEVER do it again.