Wednesday, June 9, 2010

January 17, 1925 - Saturday

Still upset with her Dad, she refers to him as "Mr. Morriss"...

Dear Diary:

It is almost nine o'clock and I am about ready to go to bed. I have been crying for the last half hour for reasons which you may well guess. I can't see why on earth Daddy has to be so cranky and I am sorry, too, that I sent that letter. I feel as if I could cry a barrel-full of tears.

I went to town twice this afternoon and got some cuff buttons and a tie for my blouse. The folks are playing rook. I sincerely hope Mr. Morriss is enjoying himself. I certainly am not.

Pauline Robison and her husband are over at Shuttie's to spend the night. I used to think he was "terribly" good looking but I was not so pleased with his looks tonight.

I have studied several of my lessons for Monday, and have also read my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.

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