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the remainder of January...

January 20, 1925 - Tuesday
This day has been a little better than yesterday.  The Gophers got their white sweaters and they are surely good looking.  Wayne was here tonight after the banquet they had at the restaurant.  I was rather surprised but we are not getting along as well as we used to.  I went down to Reva's right after supper and Wayne came down there.

January 21, 1925 - Wednesday
I just finished a letter to Okie and my arm is rather tired.
Pauline, Vera, Reva and I had planned to go down to see Lois tonight but Reva called and said she couldn't go.  I am rather glad now that she didn't.
I had a good time at noon today talking to Fred and Evart.  We played rook for awhile. 
We have to take a test in Physics tomorrow.  Oh boy!

January 22, 1925 - Thursday
Sophomore program!  I kept looking for "my friend" to come for me to go to the program, but Reva, Vera and Wilma beat him to it.  We all went to the program, then took Wilma home.  I was getting ready to "get ready" to go to bed and "he" came.  Didn't go home any too early either.  Mr. Bowls told me I made 96.5 on my Physics exam, by gravy!

January 23, 1925 - Friday
We got our test papers in Physics class.  Clarence and Julian each made 100.
Imogene and I washed our blackboard border off the board the seventh period.
After supper, Miss Grinstead, Dorothy, Imogene, Pauline and I went down to Ramah Kent's to work crossword puzzle for League and then we played rook.  Ran to meet the night train.

January 24, 1925 - Saturday
This was the morning for the eclipse, but we didn't see it.  We worked like blazes all morning.  After dinner, I went to the Dentist.  He filled two teeth and fixed two others, ready to crown.
We received a card from Daddy, saying that he was east of Memphis and probably would not be home this weekend.
Lois wanted me to come down to stay all night, but Mother didn't want me to go.
I am half-way expecting Wayne C. to call...and if he doesn't, I'll be peeved. (The phone just rang and I thought for sure it was he).  I don't think, though, that he wants to come very badly.  I'll tell you tomorrow whether he calls or not and perhaps the result.

January 25, 1925 - Sunday
We just got home from church, and the Shutties are here, just ready to leave.
Wayne did not call last night, neither did I see him today.  Believe me, I'm DONE, but I suppose he is, too.
Miss Grinstead, Dorothy, Ramah Kent, Wilma, Pauline and I went walking this afternoon and took pictures.  We had a good time though.  Leo bought us some candy.
I also learned something that knocked me off the Christmas tree "so to speak".  Nola Mae Grinstead was with Ira Porter last night and is with him again tonight.  Wouldn't that kill you?

January 26, 1925 - Monday
I have studied part of my lessons and I am about ready to go to bed.  I also painted a poster this evening.
Mother went down to Clara's this evening and cut out my new flannel dress.  She is working on it now.
We decided today that we would go out next week to do our practice teaching.  Oh boy!  I dread it.  I gave Mr. Downing the "hi brow" this evening.  Also called Evelyn.

January 27, 1925 - Tuesday
Nothing of much interest happened today.  We got a letter from Aunt Nora saying that Grandma was not much better.  Also a letter from Daddy.  I called Aunt Nora this evening to see how Grandma was.  She is some better this evening.  Mother is thinking some of going down there.
I called Mr. Bowls "an old silly thing" in class this morning and he heard me.  Oh boy! The kids are carrying me high.  Reva was sick today.

January 28, 1925 - Wednesday
Mother finished my flannel dress this evening. Pauline and I went to Prayer Meeting with Miss Grinstead.  On the way home she told us who she wanted to use in the Senior Play.  Girls, I mean.  Reva, Wilma, Hazel, Ella, and I.  I wonder if she will?
Evelyn is sick.  Has the flu. Wayne will probably teach for her tomorrow.  What if she'd be sick next Monday?

January 29, 1925 - Thursday
Nothing very important happened today.  I have read my Physics lesson and my Ed II lesson for tomorrow.
I just wrote an order to Sears Roe Buck and Co.
Pauline is busy making valentines.  Reva made some flash cards for Arithmetic tonight.
I want to take a bath before I go to bed.

January 30, 1925 - Friday
This is my last day in Green City High School for two weeks.  Wayne has not been at school the last two days.  Reva, Jane, Wilma and Imogene all went home this evening.
Miss Blair, Ramah, Pauline and I went up to Lois's to listen to the radio.  Miss Grinstead came up after the show and her date with Ira.
She told me that I would probably be Sophie Bland, the dancer, in the Senior play.  Oh boy!

January 31, 1925 - Saturday
I am so lonesome and blue I don't know what to do! Wish I could go to the show. We are looking for Daddy to come, every minute.
I went to the Dentist this morning and he has my teeth ready to crown.  I went to town this evening and met Wilma.  I got to talk to her awhile. Reva sent my teaching directions back.  I am going to read "The Covered Wagon" I suppose.

NOTE:  Miss Grinstead and Nola Mae are one and the same.  Miss Grinstead is a young teacher who is a friend of my Granny.

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  1. Hi, Jo Lynn, welcome to blogging! Thanks for telling me you are here. And what fun to have your granny's diary. I wish I had kept my old diary growing up, but it got thrown out along the way. Thanks so much for coming by!