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Granny Writes...........April, 1925

This post covers April 1, 1925 through April 17, 1925.  All of the entries I have made up to this point were written on a small notepad.  Maybe Granny continued on another small notepad...possibly notebook paper...not sure, but the remainder of 1925 hasn't been found yet.  I hope it can be found, because a lot happened between April 17th and December 31st!!

Not much going on the first part of April...play practice...fretting a bit over Wayne and Evert, and the picture below (dated May, 1925) shows Granny after she had Coon Quigley put a "Marcel" in her hair.  Have any of you ever heard of a Marcel? 

April 1, 1925 - Wednesday
April Fool!  I haven't been fooled yet.  It is almost time to go to practice.  I am really tired.
Miss Grinstead and I went downtown after some material for my Spanish dancing costume but we didn't have much luck.
I also tried on Miss G's banquet dress and I am going to wear it in the first act of the play.
I must study now.

April 2, 1925 - Thursday
We got through practice at nine o'clock tonight.  I studied some and have been playing on the piano.
Wayne and Evert both went to Green Castle tonight to see "The Covered Wagon" ... and their girls, too, I guess.  I should worry though.
Reva is applying for Beulah School.  I intended to apply myself but I guess I won't now.  E.C. brought me home last night.

April 3, 1925 - Friday
This is Saturday night.  When I came in last night it was too late to write to you.  We practiced for the play.  Then Miss Grinstead and Ella and I took Wilma home.  Miss G stopped and we sat out in the porch swing until 10:30.
The boys had a track meet with Green Castle and won.

April 4, 1925 - Saturday
We worked rather hard today.  I have studied rather hard.  It is almost time to go to church but I don't want to go.  Miss G wants me to come up and stay all night with her.  I think I shall go.
I wrote a letter to Miss Boundy this evening.
Daddy just got home a while ago.  He made $75 this week.  He has been to Bethel.

April 5, 1925 - Sunday
As usual, I am three days late in writing to you. 
I stayed all night with Grinstead Saturday night.  We didn't get up until nine o'clock.  Then we had to hurry to S.S.  I came home right after S.S. and got dinner for the folks, who went to church.
Fooled around all afternoon.  Went to League and church.
Evert brought me home.

April 6, 1925 - Monday
Mother went to Milan to have the measurements taken for her teeth.
We practiced for the play and boy!  We caught it "hot and heavy".  I don't blame her, though, for landing on us.  We hardly knew any of it.
Evert brought me home.  We took Gladys Riley up home first.  The night train came through before we left the school house.

April 7, 1925 - Tuesday
Mailed two applications today and Miss G sent two  recommendations (Beulah and Interurban).
It has been raining all evening and thundering, too.  We practiced until 9:30.  I have been studying since.  It is 20 till eleven right now.  Mother says I must go to bed.  Wilma and Dean brought me home.  Measured for our caps and gowns yesterday.

April 17, 1925 - Friday
My dear diary:  I know you think I have forsaken you, but no!  I have been so very busy.
We gave "Fifty-Fifty" the 15th and 16th and everyone said it was a "keen" play.  I really do think it was a success.  We only made about $80 the first night and about $60 last night.  That will not clear expenses and leave one hundred dollars.

I had Coon Quigley to Marcel my hair and do it up high.  I borrowed Clara Chapman's comb.  In the first act I wore Miss G's banquet dress.  It is a beauty.  Also my banquet dress.  In the second act, I wore a yellow dancing costume that we had made.  In the last act I wore my new red sweater.
I have been dating rather heavy.  Evert has brought me home from practice nearly every night the last two weeks.
Imogene wanted me to go home with her this afternoon, but "nothin' doin'".
Reva has been sick all day yesterday and all day today.  I have been down to see her this afternoon.
Wayne D. had his girl from G.C. here last night.  She surely is keen looking.  Oh boy! Lucile Stockton was there with ????? Tom Watt.
County track meet is on now.

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