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Granny writes.........March, 1925

I really enjoyed reading these March, 1925 diary entries.  Between spelling bee "mishaps" and major boyfriend problems (not lack of...just the opposite!), young Marie was quite busy.

March 1, 1925 - Sunday
(somewhere along the way, Granny realized she had been mis-spelling poor "Evart's" name). 

Wilma, Leman, and "Evert" just left.  We have been playing rook and I had a keen time too.
This afternoon I went up to Miss Grinstead's.  After a while, Wilma came up, then Reva and Imogene.  I just love "my gang".  We cut up and had a good time.  Got home about 5:30.  W.D. went to Greencastle, I think.

March 2, 1925 - Monday
This is "blue" Monday again, only I'm not so blue.  Raymond Payne came home today.  He is down at Reva Jane's now.
We had our first spelling contest today.  Not very many took part and about nine didn't miss words.  The champion goes to Milan.
Mother is quilting, Pauline just got home from Operetta practice.

March 3, 1925 - Tuesday
I have been studying my Physics lesson.  I have had the "blues" more or less today.  I keep thinking about a certain person and can't get him off my mind.  I don't know why I think about him all the time.  Wish I didn't.
Mother is quilting yet and Pauline has not come home from Operetta practice.  I got my Am. Problems paper back - made E-.  The same on my grade card.
10:00 - Reva and Raymond came up.

March 4, 1925 - Wednesday
It is really Friday night at 10:15.  I just got home from Payne's.
Wednesday night I went to Prayer Meeting and after that Miss Grinstead came down.  We talked until 10;30.  She told me she was glad Wayne and I had "split up".  So am I, I suppose, but am not sure at times.

March 5, 1925 - Friday
Went to school and studied hard.  I talked to Evert at noon and cancelled the date.  I can't say that I'm sorry.  "Our neighbors" practiced this evening and I must say a great deal of work needs to be done.
The Freshmen wanted to have a picnic tonight so Mr. Henry told them they might have it if they would invite some others, which they did.  There were about 42 there.  Wayne, Les M., Fred D, and "Doc" Bowls, the most important.
We had just started home when whom should we meet but Reva and Raymond.  They brought Miss G, Pauline, and me to town, then they took me down to Payne's with them where we played rook.  That is all.  The train just left.

March 7, 1925 - Saturday
I am rather tired and lonesome too tonight.  We worked hard today and I washed my hair right after dinner.  Lois came up for a while. Also Anna King.  She borrowed my knickers.  Wonder when I'll see them again.  Dorothy was here and stayed to supper.  We went downtown and fooled around at Kent's.  We also got our new fixture. Oh boy!
Daddy didn't come home tonight.

March 8, 1925 - Sunday
It is almost ten o'clock.  I went to Church tonight but no date.
Miss Grinstead was here all afternoon, also Dorothy, her cousins from Reger and Imogene.
Pauline made candy and popped corn.  I lead League tonight-punk lesson, too.
Wayne was at church with his G.C. girl tonight.  I thought she looked rather sloppy.
I have my hair all curled and frizzed.  Oh boy!

March 9, 1925 - Monday
I went to Mission Study Class tonight.  Quite a few were there.  Reva had a date with Clarence Pierce.  I went with them.  Wonder what Raymond will say.  Oh man.
We had the second spelling contest today and I haven't missed a word yet.  Wait until tomorrow.
"Our Neighbors" practiced 8th period.

March 10, 1925 - Tuesday
This is Saturday afternoon so I will try to write all that has happened since Monday.
Tuesday at noon Evert asked me why I had quit him.  He said he thought I had another reason than the one I gave him.  I told him I didn't and he gave me a lot of "sob" stuff.
That night, "Our Neighbors" practiced and Evert took me home.  Aren't you surprised?

March 11, 1925 - Wednesday
The wonderful play was given.  We got so tickled we could hardly talk.  However, I believe the people liked them pretty well.  Evert, Lehman, Emmons, Ruth Kent and I went car riding after the play.  Wasn't I in good company though! We had a good time.  Wednesday morning Reva, Dorothy, Imogene, Wilma, Pauline and I went walking at 5:30.

March 12, 1925 - Thursday
Nothing very exciting happened Thursday.  Reva came up after supper and we gossiped for quite awhile.  Then Marjory Long came up. They stayed until 10:00.
The last few days Wayne has been sorta hanging around and trying to talk to me.  He will have to try for quite awhile though.
Oh Diary! Guess what I did yesterday? I won the spelling contest and am going to go to Milan next Saturday.  Miss Grinstead is going too, and I am going to have my picture made.  I am anxious to go.  Last night I went up to Nola Mae's and we had a heart-to-heart talk.  She told me all kinds of T.L's.  She said "Why, I even like you as well as I do Grace, and I didn't think I could ever like anyone that well".  Isn't that great.  She is the sweetest thing ever.  I didn't come home until almost eleven.

March 14, 1925 - Saturday
I have worked pretty hard today.  I went to town this afternoon and tried on a hat.  I think I shall get it too.  I have bushels of studying to do and I am not the least interested in writing to you, so good bye..

Sunday night - 10:30
Last night after writing to you, Wayne called and asked for a date.  I let him have it.  I dont' know why because I was sorry afterwards.  He stayed till rather late.
This morning I went to S.S. and it was as cold as ice there. No fire.
Miss Grinstead and Blair and I went over to Dot's to dinner and back again to supper.  Surely had "keen" eats.
Daddy got home this p.m. about 2:30.
Evert just left.  I don't know what I shall do.  I hope I don't have another affair.

March 16, 1925 - Monday
This is Wednesday evening.
Monday night we had our first rehearsal for the Senior Play. "Keen" I'd say.  Wayne stopped for me since the Juniors were practicing too.  He also brought me home.  We sat out in the porch swing a long time and I caught the awfullest cold.  I'm afraid I won't survive. 
I talked to Evert early Tuesday morning and I promised him I would "try" not to date Wayne anymore.  I haven't told him that yet.  That night the Seniors had a St. Patrick's party.  We played all sorts of party games and had ice cream and punch for refreshments.
This morning Pauline and I got up at 5:30 and did part of the big ironing.
Imogene and Miss G pronounced words to me for a long time - Milan.
Then I went to town with Nola Mae and she treated me to a coca cola and cookies.
I just got home from Senior Play practice.  I have to study my lessons too.  Dean and Wilma brought me home.  He just went past and whistled.  Miss Grinstead says that if I will win the contest, we'll celebrate--But no danger.  I'd give a "pretty" if I could.

March 19, 1925 - Thursday
I just got home from the school house.  Miss G pronounced all the words in the speller to me again and I just missed a few.  This afternoon she pronounced the 1,000 word list.  I missed two of them.
We practiced the first act of "Fifty-Fifty" tonight. It's surely going to be lots of work.  I danced with Bowls before Miss G came and she was up in the air.

March 20, 1925 - Friday
Tomorrow is the big day -- "Spell, spell, spell".  If only I could win, but I don't feel as if I could or would.
I have done nothing but spell all day.
Reva was here awhile ago.  She is going home on the night train.  We read some old letters.  They certainly do sound silly.  Paul is at the show.  I must take a bath and get ready for bed so that I will feel good tomorrow.

March 21, 1925 - Saturday
Its over - and I missed the easiest word in the list.  She pronounced "hoarse".  I misunderstood and spelled "horse".  Boy, but I was mad.  The Milan Chamber of Commerce served dinner and we came home right afterwards and went to G.C. Miss Grinstead and I went to the drug store and treated ourselves.  Tonight we went down to Meal's.

March 22, 1925 - Sunday
March 23, 1925 - Monday
March 24, 1925 - Tuesday
It is now Tuesday night, almost ten o'clock.
Sunday afternoon I went up to Miss G's and we went walking. She came home with me and we ate a bunch, then went to League and Church.
Evert brought me home. Wayne was also at the bottom of the steps.
I wore my new hat again.
Monday morning, we washed.
Wayne wrote me a note that evening and said he guessed we couldn't go together any more.
I had a date with Evert that night for after practice but when we got through the first time I told him it would be too late.  He went back to town.  When I started to leave, who should come strutting down the street but Wayne.  We had quite a "conflab".  He said that if I liked Evert better than I liked him, he would leave me alone.  I told him he had better leave me alone then and came in the house.  He called me back and you can guess the rest.
We just practiced the first act of the play over once tonight (right here Wayne came).  It is now 20 till eleven.  We have been planning???
I bet Daddy will rear'and tear.

March 27, 1925 - Friday
Dear Diary:  Our scheme is working.  Wayne told me if Evert asked me for a date, to go with him.  And then quit him, so it wouldn't look so bad for him to go with me.
I didn't think Evert would ask me for another date but he surely did Wednesday night.  He came up to play practice for me.
Last night we practiced early, then the cast - also Evert, went to the show, Mary Pickford in "Tess of the Storm Country".
Tonight is the Junior Play - "Dr. Jim".  I am going with Reva.  Evert wanted me to go with him, but we already had our tickets bought.  The Freshmen reorganized today.
We are planning to take Reva Jane to the train.
I answered Clells', Van's and Dean's invitation to the banquet for them this evening.

March 28, 1925 - Saturday
I just got home from church.  Pauline went home with Lois.
Wilma and Lucile Payne were up here this afternoon.  We are planning a picnic tomorrow.  I am not very excited about it though.  I'm not "crazy" about the crowd.
I have been studying some today and should study some more.

March 29, 1925 - Sunday
Dear Diary:  I have had the keenest time today.  I went out to Wilma's right after Sunday School and we had a swell dinner.  After dinner we came to town and rode around a whole lot.  Evert, Wilma, Tubby Watson and I went out after Fred.
Wilma and I went walking and then Dane and Russel Page took me car riding.  I went to League and Church.  Evert brought me home.

March 30, 1925 - Monday
I just got home from play practice.  It is almost ten-thirty.  We practiced the second act twice and the first act once.  Pauline and I ironed after school and I am dead tired.
Tomorrow night!  Oh boy!
You remember the scheme of Wayne's and mine?  I believe it would be rather funny to turn tables, don't you?

March 31, 1925 - Tuesday
This is really Wednesday evening.  It was too late last night when I got home to write to you.  The banquet is over and it was certainly a success.  The decorations were beautiful, old rose and silver gray, and the supper was good, too.  I sat between Miss Grinstead and Ella Martin.
We received rose buds for favors.  Mine is just opening out and it certainly is beautiful.  Wayne didn't go to the banquet.  He had to go poking off to Kirksville.  I am so provoked at him, I don't care whether I ever have anything to do with him or not.  The banquet was over about 10:30.  Then I went home with Reva and stayed all night.  We talked until after 1:30.   I'm not very sleepy now though.
The dresses were lovely.

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