Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anniversaries and Family

Today (actually yesterday since it has taken me all day and night to locate and scan pictures), I have been married to my wonderful husband, Terry, for 4 years!  He is the kindest, sweetest, most genuine person I know.  I don't think I deserve him....but I'm so thankful to have him!  There aren't many pictures of us...because I try my hardest to hide from the camera.  But here are a couple...

                                              June, 2006 at James and Lyndsey's wedding
                                                        Abby's graduation from Grad School
                                                                            ACU, 2008

So, for the ones of you who know me well, you know I'm not a sticky sweet kind of person.  And you know that as much as I love Terry, which is a whole lot, you also know he does things that drive me CRAZY!! 

Let me just say that my husband is a "BULL in a china cabinet" ... entirely too helpful.  Yes, its absolutely possible, as crazy as it sounds. 

I had to separate our dirty laundry, literally, because he is a HUGE fan of the dryer button that says "PRESS HERE TO FRY YOUR CLOTHES".  We had to buy a new washer and dryer a few months ago and I decided it was time for some rules (mine, of course!): 

1.  I can wash YOUR clothes.  I can wash MY clothes.  I can wash ANYTHING.
2.  You can wash YOUR clothes.  You cannot wash MY clothes.  You can wash YOUR clothes.

I have lots of funny stories, but I'll save them for future posts!  Of course, I'm certain that things I do drive Terry crazy, as well. 

When he has his own blog, he can tell you all about them!!

If anyone who doesn't know us is reading this, I don't want you to be confused and left wondering. 

YES, we are a "nicely-blended" family!  Together, we have five grown children, their spouses, and EIGHT grandchildren!  That's HUGE.  When we are all together, we total 12 adults and 8 children. 

We are so blessed and life is good!

Disclaimer:  As I read on a blog the other case one of you is the boogie man, and since I'm posting this without Chad, Jennifer and Abby's permission (since I don't think they would appreciate a call at 3:30 a.m.), I'll not put the towns in which they live. 

The oldest of our children is Terry's son, Chad, who is 39.  He and his wife, Buffy, are the parents of Briley and Cade.  Chad and Buffy are Occupational Therapists.  Briley rides horses and plays sports and Cade is 100% boy and a player of all sports!

Next in line is Terry's middle daughter, Jennifer, who is 35.  She is a stay-at-home mother (who doesn't stay home much) and she teaches a couple of classes at a gym.  She is married to Paul, who is a CPA.  They are the parents of Maggie, age 6, Maisy, age 4, and Lawson, age 2.

Then comes my son, Jeremy, who is 30.  He and wife, Kristin, are the parents of twins Aden and Eric, who are 2.  Jeremy is a high school baseball coach and Kristin teaches intensive reading at the middle school. 

Abby, 28, is the youngest of Terry's children.  She and husband, Brice, live in Kentucky where Abby is a Licensed Counselor and Brice is finishing up work on his Doctorate degree.  Their child is a furry girl named Lucy, most commonly referred to as "the Goose".  They (Abby and Brice) are so much fun and we miss them terribly.

The youngest of our bunch is my daughter, Lyndsey, who is 27.  She and her husband, James, are the parents of Jud, who turns ONE year old on June 26th.  Lyndsey is a guidance counselor at Abilene High School and James is a football coach and history teacher there, as well.

Here are a few random pics of his, mine, and "ours":

Chad, Abby, Brice, Jennifer


Chad and Jennifer

Jeremy, Kristin, Aden, Eric

Jennifer, Abby, Chad

Jeremy and Kristin at a pep rally when they both taught at Coleman

Lyndsey, modeling for Baby's Bliss

Lyndsey and James...being goofy after a Menard football game!

The day I met Maggie (and the rest of the family)!

Chad, Abby, Jennifer

Lyndsey and Jeremy...could almost be twins!

No earthly idea who these Doogie Howser wannabe nerds are, but the one on the
right looks strangely similar to this fellow:

The End.


  1. That's a funny story about Terry and the dryer. He may be like me; if you get the clothes "piping hot" you won't need an iron for the wrinkles...well, usually!

  2. NOOO, Steve, that is not the way it works! I've actually decided that Terry is a genius! He has successfully been "fired" from doing anything around the house! Go figure!!!