Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Lyndsey and James!

Four years ago today, my daughter got married.  She met her husband-to-be soon after she left home to attend college.  However, she didn't know at the time that he was going to be "the one".  He was on the football team.  He asked her out during her Freshman year and her answer was "no, thanks"!  Her reason:  football players are JUST TOO WILD!  During the next 3.5 years, they were friends.  Lyndsey tutored one of his best friends and they had alot of mutual friends.  Then the last semester before graduating, they ended up in a class together and the rest is history. 

My son and his wife got married in June of 2005, then Lyndsey and I took a trip to NYC (that will be another post!).  I had pretty good reasons to think James was about to I made sure he knew what night we were going to be at Yankee Stadium.  Needless to say, I watched their billboard all night long and it never did have a proposal on it!!  But it all turned out good...once we were back in Texas, James did propose and they have been happy for 4 years. 

         Here is a "sneak" peek of one precious little boy...but he will be a different post altogether!

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