Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Granny (Marie) starts keeping a diary...

Marie is 17 yrs old and a Senior in high school.  When she refers to "head of the house" and "boss", she is talking about her father!

January 16, 1925 - Friday

Dear Diary:

I am going to try to write to you again, although, for superstitious people, Friday is a bad day to start a new thing.

I have the "blues" the worst ever. I just mailed a letter to a dear friend of mine, calling off friendly relations. Can you guess who I mean? I am sure you can.

Since last Saturday night, I have been a very unhappy person. This friend of mine called and stayed a little longer than the "head of the house" thought was proper. He (the boss) proceeded to send my friend home and he has not been back since. I so often wonder, Diary, what my future will be. I wish you could tell me.

Mother is working on my new gray blouse. I believe I shall like it. She is putting on the red collar and cuff set I received from Aunt May for Christmas.

Reva had intended to go home on the night train, but her father came after her in the car. She expected me to take her to the train if she went that way.

Miss Grinstead went home with Wilma this evening.

I wonder what Wayne C. will say when he reads that letter. I wish I could be there - a mouse in the corner.

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