Monday, June 7, 2010

my first blog post...

Hi, welcome to The Granny Diaries and More.  I have written and re-written this post at least two dozen times.  I've really struggled with how to start things off and I've wasted enough time "thinking", so here I go:

As the name of my blog would suggest, I will be writing a lot about my Granny.  I watched her write in her diaries from the time I was a little girl until I was in my 20's.  She showed me where she kept them when I was about 10...and told me I could look at them when I was visiting her.  I knew at that point that I wanted them.  When Granny died in 1980, my Aunt Ann (Granny's only daughter) got all the diaries...but promised to pass them on to me (Granny's only granddaughter).  A couple of years ago, Ann did, in fact, give me one of Granny's diaries and after I read it, I was hooked.  I now have several years worth...thanks to Ann!

I have been a blog stalker for several years...always wanting to start one of my own, but worried I wouldn't have enough to talk about.  So, along with many wonderful memories, I will also be using the diaries Granny began writing as a teenager and kept until shortly before her death at age 73. Along the way, I'll mix it up a little...current events, recipes, vacations, kids, grandkids, and I bet I can think of plenty more! I love pictures, so you'll see lots of them!

I hope you find what you read on my blog to be enjoyable...for those who do (or think you might), I would love for you to become a follower. Its easy!! Who knows, it might even inspire YOU to create a blog of your own!

Granny, I hope you are watching from above and I hope this makes you proud! I pray you'll nudge me a little along the way if I encounter "blogger's block" ... and I'm pretty sure you'll keep a watch on my spelling and sentence structure! I miss you so much and will love you always.

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  1. Jo Lynn, No doubt your granny will be very proud of you!