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February, 1925

February 1, 1925 - Sunday
Daddy got home about 7:30 last night.  I went to Sunday School this a.m.  Bro. Brott preached afterwards.
After dinner, I went up to Nola Mae's.  We had a heart to heart talk upstairs in her room.  Had a good time.  Stayed to supper with her, then we went to League.  The Missionary Society gave a program tonight.

February 2, 1925 - Monday
Mother's birthday.  I gave her a pair of hose.  This was my first day of country school.  My head is nearly splitting.  Daddy took me out and I walked most of the way back.
I surely hope I won't be sick tomorrow.
I took my lesson plan up to Grinstead and she said it was good.  I feel better now, but am going to bed altho' it is only seven o'clock.

February 3, 1925 - Tuesday
I am feeling fine today.  Daddy took me out to Beulah today and I taught nine classes.  I had a good time and walked home.  Made pretty good time.  While I was eating supper, Wayne Martin called to see if I would go to the show with him.  I told him "yes".  Not that I care anything for him though.  I wonder if "someone" will "open his eyes".

February 4, 1925 - Wednesday
Three days of my teaching gone.  I am rather tired.  I got a ride from Dykstra's on to "Beulah".  On the way home I met W.D., but we had only talked a few minutes when Rev. Young came along, so I rode home with him.
Miss Grinstead wants us to go to Prayer Meeting with her, but mother is not at home yet.  She is at Boehringers.  I told Evelyn some of my troubles.

February 5, 1925 - Thursday
It is almost 9:30 and I am sleepy.  Mother has not come home yet from Boehringers.
I met W. D, on the way to school and he was madder'n thunder, so to speak.
School went o.k.  Mrs. Van Fossen brought me home.
I went up to Nola Mae's to talk about lesson plans.  Her "date" came before I left.
Oh, Ira!

February 6, 1925 - Friday
This was the day the world was to have come to an end, but I am still alive.
I just wrote a letter to Gladys.  I have owed it for a long time.
I had to walk all the way to school and back today for the first time.  I met W.D. on the way home but we did not get along very well.  I should worry.
Paul just came in from the show.  Mother is down at Boehringer's again.
I am tired and sleepy.

February 14, 1925 - Saturday
Dear Diary:  It has been over a week since I last wrote to you, but I shall try to tell you a little of what I have done since then.
Last Saturday morning, I went to the dentist and had two crowns put on my teeth.  Boy!  It surely did hurt.  Saturday night, the entire family, including Viola, went to Meals's to listen over the radio.  While there, I discovered that one of my crowns was loose.  We got home about 10:30.
Last Sunday, I went to S.S. and had to teach Helen's class.  It rained and stormed all afternoon and evening.  Miss Grinstead came down about 4 o'clock and stayed to supper.  Then we went down to the Christian Church and I sang with the chorus.  Oh yes!  I had a long talk with Reva Saturday afternoon and we went up to the school house.  W. D. was at church Sunday night but! Nothin' doin!
Monday morning Daddy took me out to Beulah.  It certainly was a bad day.  Adrian visited and observed all day.  I went home with Evelyn and stayed all night.  Good time?  I should say so.  Played rook and went outdoors too?  What about frolic in barn?
Tuesday, Wayne and Fred visited school nearly all day.  Picnic? You bet! I went home again with Evelyn.  What about a pin? Trouble!  O.K. by morning though.
School work was fine on Wednesday and I started to walk home but Ray Gill came along and brought me right to our door.  Wasn't I glad?  I went to the dentist and had my crown reset.  Miss Grinstead wanted me to go to Prayer Meeting with her so I did.  She stopped after prayer meeting and stayed until 10:30.
Thursday morning I walked to school, but Daddy came after me and Evelyn came home with us.  Mother worked hard to finish Pauline's dress for the program.  It surely is good looking.  The program was fine and afterwards, Evelyn, Miss Grinstead, Pauline and I went down to Lois's and listened to the radio.  Pauline stayed all night.  Evelyn and I got home about 11:00.
Friday morning we walked out to school.  Mary Barnett went along to observe.  We had a pretty good time.  I taught all afternoon and then we had our Valentine box.  I got several valentines but not so many as Evelyn did.  It was my last day of school teaching for a while, at least.  I rather hated to leave but had to anyway.  Mary and I cut through the fields coming home.  It certainly was muddy.  After supper I went up to Mrs. Youngs.  She wants me to be in the "Family Album".  Then the bunch went down to the church where Miss Grinstead and Mrs. Bailey entertained us.  They served Brick Ice Cream and Angel Food Cake.  Oh boy!  Miss Grinstead wanted me to stay with her until she got ready to go home.  We stood and talked on the corner for nearly an hour.  I got home at 12:10.  I just love her though.
This morning we cleaned up the house and Mother baked some pies and bread.  I worked on my notebook for a while, then Evelyn called and wanted me to come downtown to see her new coat and hat.  They are good looking, alright!  I saw Wayne but didn't speak to him.  He went to the party at the Presbyterian Church last night but I don't know who he went with.  The folks have gone down to Meals's again and Pauline and I are going in just a few moments.  Wish I had a date though.  My arm is tired from writing so much.

February 15, 1925 - Sunday
Miss Grinstead just left.  It is 10:30.  I finished my notebook this evening.  Nearly all the old gang is back and we have been having a keen time.  Can hardly wait until tomorrow.  We all went down to Lois's this evening.  I stayed all night down there last night.  Wayne M. called before church and asked for a date, but nothin' doin'.

February 16, 1925 - Monday
I have been lonesome and blue this evening.  I have studied quite awhile.  I suppose school went o.k. today but I wasn't very enthused about it.  I went to town with Imogene and Wilma after school.  I dread school tomorrow, too.  I copied my part in the dramatics play this evening.  I am ready to go to bed whenever the folks are.

February 17, 1925 - Tuesday
This has been about as bum a day as any.  I brought a dress up from Holloway's today and tried it on.  Don't know whether I'll get it or not.  It is right pretty.
We practiced "The Family Album" tonight.  It is certainly funny.
I had a chance for a date with -???? ... Tom Watt.

February 18, 1925 - Wednesday
Miss Grinstead just left.  She stopped in after Prayer Meeting.  I have not been feeling very well today.  I shall be glad when this week is over.  I have not talked to Wayne and don't intend do.  Don't suppose he does either.  Mother is writing to Aunt Grace.  Oh yes!  We received an announcement of the birth of a new cousin in K.C. - Donald Paul, born on Feb. 13th.

February 19, 1925 - Thursday
Reva just went home.  We have gossiped all evening.  Pauline and Vera went to the Freshman party.  I have not been studying much.  It seems as if I can't settle down.
I tried on my dress this evening and had it turned up for the hem.  I like it real well.
Walked home from town with Wayne M.  We are planning to go walking in the morning and its 10:30 now.

February 20, 1925 - Friday
"The Family Album" was a success or seemed to be.  I believe the people liked it.  Guess who brought me home.  It was Evart Chapman.  He asked me for a date the first thing this morning.
I took a test in Physics this morning.  Oh boy!  Wayne is just a little more interested today.  He has been calling me Evart.  We didn't go walking this a.m. - Reva's birthday.

February 21, 1925 - Saturday
It is nine o'clock and I am sleepy already.  We cleaned up the house this morning and right after dinner, Mrs. Holloway and Mae Nowls came in to try on my banquet dress.  Then Imogene came down.  We started to study but decided we couldn't so we went to town and were examined.  Some examination, too.  Mother is down at Herrington's.  Daddy just went after her.

February 22, 1925 - Sunday
Evart just left.  I am not very "dingy" about him but like him a little better than I did.  I taught Helen's class as S.S. this morning.
After dinner Miss Grinstead, Reva, Ramah, Pauline and I went over to Dorothy's and had a "keen" time.
It has been raining and misting all day.  I certainly dread tomorrow.

February 23, 1925 - Monday
This has certainly been "blue Monday".  I haven't had the least bit of pep.  Rev. Young visited our American Problems class and Ed. III class.  Surely made a good showing.
Reva, Wilma, Miss Grinstead and I went to town after school.  Miss G. treated Reva and me to a Coca Cola.
I studied awhile and am as sleepy as a "horse".

February 24, 1925 - Tuesday
Just got home from the show.  I went with Evart.  Liked him better tonight than before.  The show was the serial and "The Sunset Trail" starring William Desmond.
I have a "dickens" of a Physics lesson for tomorrow and don't know much about it either.
We talked some about the Senior play today.  I am anxious to begin on it.  "The Spanish Dancer"

February 25, 1925 - Wednesday
Miss Grinstead just left.  Imogene, Doris, Miss Grinstead and I all went to Prayer Meeting.  We have been discussing the Freshman troubles.  Mr. Henry disorganized their class yesterday evening and they are having a "hot time down in Dixie".  Nothing very exciting happened today.  It is lots colder this evening than it has been the past few days.  Reva got three letters this a.m.

February 26, 1925 - Thursday
I have been studying all evening and am rather sleepy.
Nothing very exciting happened today.  Miss Grinstead tested eyes today.  Mine, I suppose, are normal.
We have to take an American Problems test tomorrow and I don't know nothin' again.
Am sleepy - so Good night!
Got my slippers and sweater and like the sweater fine.

February 27, 1925 - Friday, or rather Saturday
It was too late to write last night when I got home and I forgot it anyway.
Reva, Miss Grinstead, Pauline and I went down to Lois's, then we took Reva to the train.  We had a keen time all right.
Reva brought her picture up before we started.  Nola Mae told me to save my sweater for the play, so I guess I shall.
I just got home from the show.  I went with Evart.  It was pretty good. "The Slanderers".
Evelyn and Elvie M. were there and sat right by us.  Wayne was there, too.  I have a date for tomorrow night and Wilma has one with "Speck" Emmons.  Worked like blazes today. "Je suis malade"

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