Wednesday, June 9, 2010

January 19, 1925 - Monday

Dear Diary:

I went to school rather early and got along fairly well with my lessons. I talked to Wayne the seventh period. He said he didn't get my letter and I guess he didn't. I heard that Wayne had a "girl" at the show Saturday night. Oh boy, if he did!

I'll be madder'n thunder. Why does he treat me that way? I wonder what he thought of the letter if he got it this evening.

I went over to Dorothea's right after supper and we studied together quite awhile and I ate a lot of candy.

Pauline is staying all night down at Lois's.

Oh yes! Guess who asked me to go sleigh riding tonight. No, it wasn't Julian, it was Ray Price. I'm surely glad the class didn't go, because I had a good excuse.

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